We are the UK's first marketplace for data analytics and High Court enforcement solutions. We provide our customers with a safe, accessible and intelligent way to responsibly enforce judgement debts across the UK.

Our solutions include data at their core and are built using the world's leading Artificial Intelligence technology, Salesforce Einstein.

Our technology, The Just Hub, allows customers to place debtor accounts and obtain propensity and High Court enforcement solutions from a pre-procured panel of experts within 24 hours of instruction. Services can be purchased individually or as a complete pre-litigation through to enforcement solution.

Our propensity models are the most advanced in the post-litigation enforcement industry. They are designed to detect the potential vulnerability of a debtor, forecast collectability, save costs and substantially increase collections. They have been developed over 14 years and use real-time machine learning to self-improve.

Using The Just Hub allows customers access to best in class solutions without having to procure internally which saves the time and cost of negotiating data prices, building propensity and scorecard models and managing a panel of High Court enforcement providers. We take care of this and recover our fee from the supplier, so our customers get the service for free*.

We appoint the best available High Court enforcement providers and also onboard customer's existing suppliers if they meet our internal standards and commit to only applying charges that the Regulations allow. We operate ISO accredited processes and expect our suppliers to do the same or be working towards achieving these standards imminently.

We monitor the performance and compliance of suppliers and operate a vigorous framework that can see them removed from the contract for breaches of data or regulatory requirements. High Court enforcement activity is performed under the authority and supervision of our own in-house High Court Enforcement Officer, and we maintain ultimate liability.

We act within 24 hours of instruction and complete the entire collection cycle within just 55 days, making us the fastest High Court enforcement solution in the UK.

We provide solutions for the following types of customers:

  • Utility Providers
  • Solicitors and Lawyers
  • Debt Collection and Purchasing Agencies
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Governments
  • Businesses
  • Litigants in Person

*Regulations require the customer to pay a statutory fee of £75 + VAT on all cases that are returned unsuccessful. We try our absolute best to minimise these through our use of data, insights and propensity.