Richard Howells

CEO, Proplist


"There is a good and a bad side to High Court enforcement - here is the good."

Elizabeth Fox

Solicitor, Russell-Cooke LLP


"I am delighted with the level of service Just provides. It’s easy to use, the processes are fast and the outcomes are in line with what we were expecting and more."

Jason O'Shea

Managing Director, FOS


"Appointing Just is like procuring a panel of High Court Enforcement companies, signing a data bureau contract, employing a dozen data scientists, managing the performance of those companies and then managing any resulting complaints. We get all this without lifting a finger, or spending a penny more than we spent before using a traditional High Court Enforcement company. Everyone should use Just."

Maria Koureas-Jones

Partner, Woodfines Solicitors


"Just provides a swift resolution to enforcing our Clients’ unpaid Judgment debts which is appreciated. The Just solution achieves what it promises."

Peter Greathead

PCG Projects


"We are very pleased with the level of service provided by Just and their commercial forfeiture department. Everything went smoothly and we're very grateful for the level of professionalism shown by Just and their suppliers. The service was easy to use, fast and the outcome was what we wanted. We would highly recommend them."

Laura Carr

Litigation Manager, Castle Water


"We trialled the Just Hub solution in 2019 and were really pleased with the results. We have extended our relationship into 2020."

Paul Jagger

Debt Recovery Manager, Ward Hadaway


"Neil Jinks and the team at Just made it very easy to come on board and start using their High Court enforcement services. So far we have achieved good results and excellent customer service. Whilst they are doing things differently, they are thorough in explaining the process and guiding you along the way. I look forward to continuing to see our relationship go from strength to strength."