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We integrate with the High Court enforcement industry so that you don't have to

22 January 2020

"I've worked in the legal profession for over 30 years now, both in legal practice and as a senior manager in High Court. I've also worked for the court service. At Just, our approach is to provide a safe and accessible solution for High Court enforcement through one central marketplace and it's not a new concept, it's been done before through TDX in debt recovery. The government have done it managing £22 billion worth of debt. At Just, we've got a panel of litigation providers, data providers and enforcement agencies.

The great thing for me is that our Authorised Officer sits between the client and their solicitors and our panel of enforcement providers, which gives him some independence in the process. We're here to try and save costs in obtaining data and managing your own panel; so our aim is to protect your brand through reputational risk management and to provide a service that's really worthwhile and adding value to your business."

Neil Jinks has previously held positions as the National Head of High Court Client Services at Europe's largest High Court enforcement companies and Client Development Director at a global legal firm. Now he is the Director of Stakeholder Relations here at Just.