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Meet our Director of Stakeholder Relations

19 February 2020

Meet Neil Jinks and hear about his Rock and Roll lifestyle at Just.

"I'm Neil Jinks, Director of Stakeholder Relations at Just. I was born and raised in Birmingham, where I grew up with my parents and my two brothers. I've since achieved some of my dreams by getting married, becoming a father, living on the edge of the countryside. I played the drums from an early age, and dreamed of a career in the music business. I fell into my legal career working for a law firm on my local high street. I finished my GCSEs one day and started work the next.

Fast forward 30 years and I became the director of a leading global business. I've also worked for Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunal Service and in High Court enforcement at a senior level. I'm still living the dream and the rock and roll lifestyle as I'm always out on the road, on tour, staying in hotels, but I don't throw TV sets out of the window or bite the heads of bats.

I've acted for and against rock and pop royalty over the years, and met many of my heroes. As a debt recovery specialists, my work has always involved high court enforcement. I'm passionate about civil law enforcement and access to justice for creditors. I also promote client service excellence and treating customers fairly.

I used to be criticized for promoting debt resolution as well as debt recovery, but now it's accepted as being the norm and the right thing to do. My role at Just is to look after our clients and other stakeholders, and to promote the great work we're doing to bring about positive changes in High Court enforcement. High court enforcement is changing and it's Just to do it right."