Our Story

In 2013, our Founders took part in creating the business case for the Government's highly successful marketplace for the recovery of £23 billion of aged debt, the Debt Market Integrator. Immediately, they knew that building a solution based on the same principles would deliver significant value to customers that use propensity and High Court Enforcement as an effective way to recover debt.

Our senior management team have worked in debt management for the majority of their adult lives and have a great understanding of Utility, Telco, Government, Financial Services and Non Financial Service debt. We believe that post-litigation enforcement is underused, and it's our mission to create a step-change in the number of people that use High Court Enforcement as a safe and accessible means of justice. In our drive to achieve this, we are taking some of the industry's most significant challenges on and working closely with Government departments to resolve them.

Our most significant success to date is the investigation and part conclusion of the industry-wide misapplication of VAT. After months of lobbying and over £200,000 in costs, we have enabled HMRC and the Ministry of Justice to issue policy guidelines which have 'in part' brought this to a conclusion. We have resolved in just six months what the industry say they had been trying resolve for six years.

Our actions have resulted in partially saving the public millions of pounds a year in enforcement fees which enables a higher value of debts to be recovered on behalf of our customers, safely, while protecting their brands. We knew that if we were able to collect more for our customers without increasing the cost, that it was the right thing to do. 

We continue to tackle the last remaining part of the VAT issue and other significant challenges on behalf of customers, including:

  • The lack of digital access to the Courts
  • The unbalanced charging system for access to the Courts
  • The unreasonable limitation on the type of debt that can be processed through certain Courts, and
  • The lack of data security policies around filming in people's homes

Our role in leading these industry improvements is often quoted by the national media. A few examples are listed below:

Your Money - High Court bailiffs incorrectly charging debtors VAT

StepChange - StepChange comments on High Court bailiff VAT error

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