We appoint several data providers to provide data and trace services. We ensure that our solutions are data agnostic which enables us to use the best available data for the debtor we are trying to evaluate at the time. We have negotiated the best possible rates, and we run annual competitive test campaigns to ensure quality standards are maintained. Users of The Just Hub benefit from instant access, best available rates and ongoing control group and performance testing to ensure maximum success.



We have selected the best available High Court enforcement agencies to cover every square inch of England and Wales. We complete the pre-enforcement process of data append, propensity scoring, vulnerability detection, trace and the issue of the notice of enforcement. We only pass the case for an enforcement visit where this is required to obtain payment or remove goods for sale. All enforcement action is paid for by the debtor and not our customers, and only the non-successful compliance stage fee of £75 + VAT is payable by the customer should the entire process lead to non-success. Something we desperately try to avoid by using the propensity processes.

We appoint one enforcement agency per region and split the county into ten areas. Some agencies can perform in two areas if they have significant capacity. Our enforcement suppliers have worked on behalf of some of the largest Utility and Legal providers for many years and are extremely experienced. If, however, an agency performs poorly or fails a compliance audit, they are removed from the marketplace and replaced by another and can't re-apply to operate for at least twelve months.

Our panel members are chosen based on four key criteria:

  • The quality of their consumer focus and enforcement processes;
  • Their accreditations and qualification to act;
  • Their location in the UK; and
  • Their specialism.

Our suppliers employ certificated enforcement agents. They operate to a single set of standards and are monitored by our compliance teams and auditors. Our Quality Team conducts spot checks, call listening, account audits and activity reviews in addition to monthly site visits to ensure the highest level of service. Our technology captures data on the activities that are undertaken; for example, visits that are made and the time of day ensuring the highest level of service, All enforcement activity is undertaken in-line with the National Standards for Enforcement Agents.

If you want to apply to become a panel member, email us at subscribe@just-dm.co.uk or online. Applicants are contacted within 48 hours of their initial enquiry and application to acceptance takes on average nine weeks.