To make a payment, please choose one of the following methods. If you need any help or advice, please do not hesitate to call us on 020 3848 9069.

Bank transfer

Account number: 21136886

Sort code: 83-06-08

By phone

Call us on 020 3848 9069 to pay by credit or debit card.

Please detail your Case Number as a reference. If you fail to do this, we may struggle to reconcile your payment which could lead to enforcement continuing and further charges being applied. Failing to make payment within the time given may result in an increase in charges. Payment is only considered made when Just receives the payment, and the amount has been debited from your bank account.

Engaging with an Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AHCEO)

The purpose of this section is to answer any questions you may have following contact from one of our panel of Enforcement Agencies or Just direct. It provides guidance on what an AHCEO is, the different stages of enforcement, and how to engage and correspond with panel members and us.

What is an AHCEO and an Enforcement Agent?

An Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AHCEO) is an officer of the High Court of England and Wales, authorised by the Ministry of Justice. They are responsible for enforcing judgments of the High Court, known as Writs. The most common Writ is the Writ of control.

An Enforcement Agent acts on behalf of and under the guidance of an AHCEO. Just contracts with a panel of enforcement agencies that all act under the authority of Christopher Badger, the Just AHCEO.

What is the process by which AHCEOs collect outstanding debt, and how should I respond?

The collection process has four stages. You are encouraged to act as quickly as possible upon receiving a Notice of Enforcement (stage one) and contact us to make payment. If you do not make payment at this stage, the process will escalate to the next stage of enforcement, which will incur further charges.

Please be aware that additional charges will be added for every subsequent stage, for example, if the enforcement agency has to call on you more than once, or has to remove goods for sale, the charges will increase accordingly. The charges will be collected by the enforcement agency at the same time as the amount that is owed on the judgment together with interest charged in accordance with the Writ. The fees and charges are set out in Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014.

The sooner you pay, the less your total charges and interest will be.


Just is confident that we deliver an excellent service but recognise that there may be times when those we work with feel unhappy about something that we have or plan to do. We take all complaints seriously and will endeavour in every case to investigate the issue as well as identify the best possible way to resolve.

In order to log a complaint, please fill in the online complaint form or email us.

Once a complaint is submitted, you will receive an automated acknowledgement together with detail of the timeline set for when you can expect a response.

We aim to provide a response to any complaint within 7 days – this will include our initial findings along with the detail of what steps we have taken to investigate. Once we have provided our initial response, we invite the complainant to respond with any further comment within 7 days. We will then finalise our decision within 14 days from receipt of that response.

Appeals process

If for whatever reason the complainant is unhappy with our final response to the complaint, then an appeal against that decision can be made. This should be submitted in writing and within 21 days of receiving our final response.

Once an appeal is received, the Director of Compliance will arrange a meeting of our board of directors who will reconsider the complaint decision and come to a final conclusion. The decision of our appeals board will be provided in writing and within 28 days of receipt of the appeal.

If the complainant is still unhappy with the decision of our appeals board, then the complainant can make a complaint to the High Court Enforcement Officers Association who are our professional association of whom we are members. The complaint made to the HCEOA should be made in writing to the following address:

The Complaints Officer

The High Court Enforcement Officers Association Ltd

Drake House

Gradbroke Park