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In 2013, our Founders took part in creating the business case for the Government's highly successful marketplace for the recovery of £23 billion of aged debt, the Debt Market Integrator. Immediately, they knew that building a solution based on the same principles would deliver significant value to customers that use propensity and High Court Enforcement as an effective way to recover debt.

It's our mission to create a step-change in the number of people that use High Court Enforcement as a safe and accessible means of justice. In our drive to achieve this, we are taking some of the industry's most significant challenges on and working closely with Government departments to resolve them.

Our most significant success to date is the investigation and part conclusion of the industry-wide miss-application of VAT. After months of lobbying and over £200,000 in costs, we have enabled HMRC and the Ministry of Justice to issue policy guidelines which have 'in part' brought this to a conclusion. We have resolved in just six months what the industry say they had been trying resolve for six years.

Our actions have resulted in partially saving the public millions of pounds a year in enforcement fees which enables a higher value of debts to be recovered on behalf of customers, safely, while protecting their brands.

We continue to tackle the last remaining part of the VAT issue and other significant challenges on behalf of customers, including:

  • The lack of digital access to the Courts
  • The unbalanced charging system for access to the Courts
  • The unreasonable limitation on the type of debt that can be processed through certain Courts, and
  • The lack of data security policies around filming in people's homes

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Why us

We are the UK's first marketplace for data analytics and High Court Enforcement solutions. We provide our customers with a safe, accessible and intelligent way to responsibly enforce judgment debts across the UK.

Our solutions include data at their core and are built using the world's leading Artificial Intelligence technology, Salesforce Einstein.

Our technology, The Just Hub, allows customers to place debtor accounts and obtain propensity and High Court Enforcement solutions from a pre-procured panel of experts within 24 hours of instruction. Services can be purchased individually or as a complete pre-litigation through to enforcement solution.

Our propensity models are the most advanced in the post-litigation enforcement industry. They are designed to detect the potential vulnerability of a debtor, forecast collectability, save costs and substantially increase collections. They have been developed over 14 years and use real-time machine learning to self-improve.

Using The Just Hub allows customers access to best in class solutions without having to procure internally which saves the time and cost of negotiating data prices, building propensity and scorecard models and managing a panel of High Court Enforcement providers. We take care of this and recover our fee from the supplier, so our customers get the service for free*.

We appoint the best available High Court Enforcement providers and also onboard customer's existing suppliers if they meet our internal standards and commit to only applying charges that the Regulations allow. We operate ISO accredited processes and expect our suppliers to do the same or be working towards achieving these standards imminently.

We monitor the performance and compliance of suppliers and operate a vigorous framework that can see them removed from the contract for breaches of data or regulatory requirements. High Court Enforcement activity is performed under the authority and supervision of our own in-house High Court Enforcement Officer, and we maintain ultimate liability.

We act within 24 hours of instruction and complete the entire collection cycle within just 55 days, making us the fastest High Court Enforcement solution in the UK.

We provide solutions for the following types of customers:

  • Utility Providers
  • Solicitors and Lawyers
  • Debt Collection and Purchasing Agencies
  • Insolvency Practitioners
  • Governments
  • Businesses
  • Litigants in Person

*Regulations require the customer to pay a statutory fee of £75 + VAT on all cases that are returned unsuccessful. We try our absolute best to minimise these through our use of data, insights and propensity.


Our Founder

Jamie Waller has worked in the debt enforcement industry since 1998 and was responsible for starting, building and selling the UK's second-largest civil enforcement agency JBW Group and the enforcement technology business, Hito. During his career, Jamie designed propensity and collection models for some of the largest customers in the UK including the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Justice, Highways England and Transport for London.

In 2017 he purchased Arum, the UK's leading credit management consultancy which provides solutions in over 20 countries and works on behalf of many of the major banks and financial services organisations across the UK.

Jamie is a graduate of Cranfield Business School and in 2018 was awarded the prestigious Cranfield Entrepreneur of the Year Award. He is also an established author and a regular contributor to Forbs on entrepreneurship and small to mid-cap market investments.


Our Investors

We are a subsidiary of Arum, the credit management industries leading management consultancy.

Arum has been representing some of the world's largest utility organisations, financial service businesses and government departments for over 21 years. It has implemented new technology, designed and delivered collection strategies and overseen compliance standards for some of the largest organisations in the world.

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Our founders and directors have been working in litigation and post-litigation enforcement for many years and have the best understanding of propensity available. We are one of the very few companies that understand that propensity for post-litigation is different from pre-litigation and can identify the data points to support this.

Our senior team were part of the Government's debt market integrator project for the collection of £23 billion and were convinced that a High Court Enforcement solution based on the same principles would be highly valuable.

Other members of the team have built propensity models and delivered enforcement solutions for some of the largest clients in the UK including the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Justice, Highways England and Transport for London.


Our Quality Standards

Just is authorised by the Ministry of Justice to operate in the enforcement of High Court Writs through our Authorised Officer and Director of Compliance, Christopher Badger.

Just also holds the following international quality standards:

  • ISO 9001 - Quality Management Standard for all process and procedures Inc. case management, client management, debtor management and administration
  • ISO 27001- Information Security Standard for all data process including data receipt, data append, data transfer and data management
  • ISO 14001 - Environmental Management System for processes and procedures related to our environmental impacts including, paper use, energy use, recycling and overall environmental impact assessment and actions
  • ISO 18001 - Health and Safety Management System for our processes and procedure for the safe-being of our users, staff, clients and visitors.


Our Mission

We believe that everyone has the right to be paid what they are owed and aim to create a step-change in the number of people using litigation and post-litigation High Court Enforcement as an accessible and safe method of justice.