Just is not a High Court Enforcement business but an extension of the creditor, a data, analytics and insight-driven digital marketplace that represents clients’ interests and sits between them and enforcement providers. Just has its own Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer (AHCEO) and instructs enforcement providers under its own authority to act. This gives the creditor a service that represents their interests first, managing the enforcement provider’s compliance and ensuring that maximum funds are collected in the quickest possible time, whilst always protecting the creditors reputation and treating debtors fairly and with compassion.

It's Just.

to do it right


Enforcement providers hold contracts with us and commit to the strict quality management process, procedures and performance indicators that are audited weekly by our Quality Team. Our Authorised High Court Enforcement Officer has over 16 years of industry experience, has been an authorised officer for 14 years and sits on the executive council of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association which is authorised by the Ministry of Justice and Lord Chancellor.

Our mission: we believe that everyone has the right to be paid what they are owed and aim to create a marketplace to enable a step-change in the number of people using High Court Enforcement as an accessible and safe method of justice.

Our vision: is to deliver a solution that is more in-line with what the Ministry of Justice intended. 

How it works

You instruct us by sending an instruction to act. We complete the relevant paperwork and send it to our legal representatives to sign and file at the Court. A writ is then issued, normally within 24 hours. We complete this process for free.

Upon receipt of the Writ, we complete an advanced data and behavioural insight process to instigate the right strategy for collection. An insight-led personalised Notice of Enforcement is then prepared and sent by us using Royal Mail’s Recorded Post. The debtor is given between 7 and 14 days to settle the debt in full.

Failure to pay or make contact will result in us issuing an instruction to one of our panel members based upon the location, the type of debt, and panel members' expertise. This happens within 24 hours and the panel member has six days to complete the first visit and then a further nine days to complete the next two visits. At least one of the visits will be outside of normal times, typically before 07.00 or after 19.00.

Cases that are returned with payment or payment plans are reported back to you with a report of the actions taken and the successful outcome.

Unsuccessful cases are reviewed internally, and the strategy amended to include further visits by a different panel member, further trace or telephone collection activity where necessary.

It is our mission to recover your money in full. Our data, analytics and resulting insights enhance our understanding of debtors which drives the enforcement strategy that is based on individual circumstances. We believe that everyone has the right to be paid what they are owed.

Our panel members

We have selected the best available High Court Enforcement agencies across England and Wales. We appoint one enforcement agency per region and split the country into ten regions. Some agencies can perform in two regions if they have significant capacity. If an agency performs badly or fails compliance audits, they are removed from the contract and replaced by another and they can't re-apply to operate for at least twelve months.

Our panel members are chosen based on four key criteria:

1. the quality of their consumer focus and enforcement practices;

2. their accreditation/qualifications to act;

3. their location within the UK; and

4. their specialism.

Panel members are enforcement agencies and employ certificated enforcement agents. They operate our systems and processes and are monitored to the highest standards. Our Quality Team conducts spot checks, call listening, account audits and activity reviews in addition to monthly site visits to ensure the highest level of service. Our technology captures data on the activity that is undertaken; for example how many visits are made and at what time of day ensuring the highest level of services across the country. We manage the first stage of the enforcement process in-house by sending the Notice of Enforcement via Royal Mail Recorded Post ensuring the debtor has the option to pay without the high cost of visits. When visits are undertaken, they are performed in-line with the National Standards for Enforcement Agents.

If you want to apply to become a panel member, email us at subscribe@just-dm.co.uk or online. Applicants are contacted within 48 hours of their initial enquiry and application to acceptance takes on average 6 weeks.